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Incorporated in 2020, Laboratory for Synthetic Chemistry and Chemical Biology Limited (LSCCB) operates as a research centre of the Health@InnoHK cluster launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. LSCCB is a tripartite joint collaboration of The University of Hong Kong, Imperial College London and Peking University, aiming at integrating Chemical Science and Biomedical Science with emphasis to develop new synthetic chemistry, anticancer medicines and chemical biology of Chinese medicines, that can be used to combat metastatic cancers.

LSCCB strives to bring innovation to society. We work closely with local, regional, national, and international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and/or venture capitals with a set of goals from generating patentable technological know-hows to drug leads and novel molecular probes to product commercialization for therapeutic and diagnostic applications, showcasing Hong Kong’s capacity to develop innovative chemical and biomedical research enterprises.

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