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LSCCB aims at making advanced cancer a treatable chronic disease

Programme I: Synthetic Chemistry


We aim to develop new reaction tools for chemical synthesis, construction and creation of compound libraries for drug discovery, and medicinal chemistry studies of bioactive natural products and Chinese medicine, which are the major source of the lead compounds and clinically used drugs. Our research activities include:

  • Innovative and sustainable catalysis for drug discovery and synthesis

  • Total synthesis of bioactive natural products and Chinese medicinal compounds

  • Computational chemistry for drug lead design

  • Integrated high-throughput screening (HTS) platform for drug discovery based on DNA-encoded library technology

Programme II: Chemical Biology of Chinese Medicine and Natural Products

The programme is directed to a group of complementary studies ranging from grand challenge topics in cancer biology, midstream drug discovery to the development of therapeutic applications derived from Chinese medicine and natural products. Our research activities include:

  • Bioactive compounds from Chinese medicine for anticancer drug discovery

  • Chinese medicine formulation and systems biology

  • Inventive drug discovery and target identification for natural products and Chinese medicine

  • Drug discovery targeting cancer stemness and metastasis


Programme III: Metal Anticancer Medicine, Diagnostics and Theranostics


The programme is aimed to discover and develop metal compounds for cancer treatment and diagnosis. Our reseach activities include:

  • Anticancer metal compounds with superior efficacies and safety

  • Development of new PET/MRI agents for non-invasive diagnostic imaging

  • Chemical toolbox for biosensing and disease analysis

  • Luminescent transition metal complexes as bioimaging and theranostic agents

Programme IV: Multi-Omics and Innovative Analytical Technologies for InnoHealth

The programme is aimed to develop a multi-omics platform with start-of-the-art facilities and mass spectrometers for proteomics, metabolomics, drug targets and mechanistic studies as well as to apply innovative analytical technologies for biomedical research, drug discovery and development, and medical diagnosis. Our research activities include:

  • Biological mass spectrometry for target identification

  • Development of chemical proteomics technology and applications

  • Innovative analytical technology development and applications

  • Multi-Omics platforms for biomarker discovery and diagnostics

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